“I Love You But You’re Not Serious People” – My Succession Wake Up Call

One month into our journey to financial independence, we don’t have a lot to show for it. 😓

However, we finished watching all four seasons of Succession last night, and that’s the last show we are going to watch for a while, until we figure out our finances out a bit.

It’s fitting that the show is about rich people, business, and what it takes to lead, because we are very much interested in all of those things. While we don’t care to be billionaires, and often found ourselves questioning why the Roy kids even want the top job so bad (just cash out and enjoy life!), we do want to be successful in business. Despite the lack of ethics and moral compass, you have to admit Logan Roy was a strong leader who knew how to allocate his time and resources to build up Waystar from the ground up. And now he’s inspired both my husband and I to become serious people.

What is a Serious Person

The Serious Person has a lot of dreams and aspirations, but they are defined by their unrelenting commitment to turn those dreams into reality. They understand that results are not instantaneous, and true progress is made through consistent effort and learning from failures. When they stumble, they don’t see it as a dead end but as a detour towards their destination. Their mantra? “Failure is not final; it’s a stepping stone to growth.”

None of the Roy kids are Serious People – not buzzwords Kendall, not inappropriate jokes Roman, not I’m smarter than you Shiobhan, and definitely not 1% Connor.

Logan, Karl, Laird, Gerri, even Matsson – they’re Serious People who’ve actually done the work, has experience, and doesn’t let petty drama get in their way of success.

Key Traits of a Serious Person:

  1. Persistence: The serious achiever doesn’t back down in the face of challenges. They know that success requires pushing through discomfort and setbacks.
  2. Growth Mindset: They view failures as opportunities to learn and refine their approach. A setback is just a chapter, not the whole story.
  3. Discipline: Consistency is their magic wand. They understand that the journey is paved with small, daily steps.
  4. Adaptability: They’re open to adjusting their strategies as needed, understanding that flexibility is key in an ever-changing world.
  5. Long-term Vision: They keep their eyes on the horizon and are willing to invest time and effort for future gains.

What is Not a Serious Person

I’m afraid I’ve been a prime example of a non-Serious Person all my life.

A non-Serious Person is one who indulges in the thrill of envisioning a brighter future but struggles when it comes to rolling up their sleeves and getting down to business. They might take a few steps towards their goal, like registering a domain or writing a blog post, but often lose interest as the initial excitement fades. They’re plagued by doubts and excuses, constantly seeking the easy way out.

Since graduating from college I’ve had a million and one ideas about businesses I want to start, but always barely scratched the surface of the ideas before I fell back into my routine of working my 9-5. Even though I’m making small progress now in working on my blogs, I’ve done so much more in the last month and learned so much more about the blogging world than I have in the last 10+ years. That’s how I know I’m starting to shift away from being a non-Serious Person, but I definitely have a long way to go to becoming a Serious Person.

Warning Signs of a Non-Serious Person:

  1. Lack of Commitment: Their enthusiasm fizzles out when the initial excitement wanes.
  2. Instant Gratification: They seek quick results and are disappointed when they don’t see immediate success.
  3. Excuse Factory: When challenges arise, they have a ready arsenal of reasons why their idea won’t work.
  4. Fear of Failure: The mere thought of failing paralyzes them, preventing them from taking meaningful action.
  5. Shifting Focus: They easily switch from one idea to another, never staying the course long enough to see results.

How to Be a Serious Person

This one is easy to write but hard to follow through. Becoming a Serious Person is all about the execution. These are just the guidelines, but the key is finding a good idea and then not giving up. Ever.

  1. Set Realistic Goals: Break your aspirations into smaller, achievable milestones. Celebrate each victory along the way.
  2. Embrace Failure: Understand that failure is not a verdict but a lesson. Analyze setbacks and adjust your approach accordingly.
  3. Tame Instant Gratification: Train your mind to value the journey as much as the destination. Progress takes time and effort.
  4. Shun Excuses: Challenge your excuses and explore solutions. Remember, where there’s a will, there’s a way.
  5. Cultivate Resilience: Build mental toughness to weather the storms. Surround yourself with positivity and supportive influences.
  6. Consistency Matters: Even on the days you feel uninspired, take small steps towards your goal. Consistency compounds over time.

Your Life, Your Journey, Your Choice

In the end, it’s up to you to choose your role in your own story. Will you be the Serious Person who treads the path of dedication, resilience, and success? Or will you succumb to the allure of fleeting dreams, trapped in the cycle of a Non-Serious Person? The realility is, your dreams are not far-fetched if you are willing to put in the work, learn from failures, and commit to the journey. So, let’s bid farewell to excuses, embrace the journey, and transform into the architects of our dreams. Join me in becoming a Serious Person – the world needs more of us.

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